Income Tax Preparation
Preparing taxes for individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, estates, trusts, fiduciaries and exempt organizations.
Accounting and Financial Statements
Financial Statements and Accounting records.
Tax Audits
Representing you in tax audits before the taxing agencies or assist you in representing yourself. Being prepared is the key to winning tax audits.
Posting your records, Payroll, etc. We can create your bills, collect your money, pay your bills, calculate payroll, and payroll taxes. We provide as little and as much you need.
Business Consultation
Help you making decisions regarding the form of business [Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporations, Limited Liability Company], purchase verses lease decisions, obtaining loans or other financing.
Computer Systems
We can help with your computer decisions such as hardware, software, networking, web pages and training. We assist in setting up point of sale systems and other accounting functions.
We do tax and retirement planning.

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